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Why Spring is The Perfect Time to Sell Your Home in 2022

Timing is everything when it comes to buying and selling houses. Now more than ever you will want to maximize the sale of your current home and the investment for your new one. Spring 2022 could be the key to getting the most out of your home’s value. Keep reading to learn our spring real estate tips of the year. 

Your Home’s Price is at its Highest Value

The first of our spring selling tips is to keep an eye on the supply and demand of the housing market (which will tie into our second point). Even now, there is still a low supply of homes available and very high demand for them. This current imbalance means you will sell your home for more now than in a market with higher supply and lower demand. The Lisa Birdsong real estate agents are trained to discover your home’s value and sell it at the right time in the market while they negotiate with skill all on your behalf. 

Homes on the Market Are Few and Far Between

Second, on our spring home selling tips list is like we mentioned in tip #1, homes on the market are still limited. That means your home is a coveted listing, and you, as the seller, are in the driver’s seat. Homebuyers in the area are clamoring to get their best offer in before anyone else. Even before your listing goes live, everyone will have an eye on it. Prepare your home to be the center of attention and watch the offers roll in. 

Home Equity is Growing at an Astronomical Rate

The third of our spring selling tips for the year – understanding home equity. Right now your home’s equity may be growing astronomically right along with its potential selling price. So, selling now allows you to put your high equity toward the down payment on your next home to combat the rising prices you will likely face. Remember, as a seller in this current market, you will get a lot more out of the value of your home now than in a more “normal” housing market. 

Mortgage Rates are Increasing

Fourth on our list of spring real estate tips is to note that mortgage rates are also rising. Usually, these higher rates are able to cool housing prices over time by decreasing demand and increasing supply. However, this market is anything but normal and experts predict that mortgage rates will continue to go up throughout the year along with house prices. With these expectations, it’s even more important to consider selling your home soon to avoid higher mortgage rates plus inflated home prices down the line. 

The Bottom Line: This Spring Presents a Golden Opportunity to Sell Your Home

The conditions of the market right now make spring 2022 the opportune time to sell your house: Your home is at its highest value with few listings to compete against. When you sell soon, you will have the increased equity to put toward your next home. And finally, you can get ahead of rising mortgage rates now to maximize the opportunities in the current housing market. 

We at the Lisa Birdsong Real Estate Group are trained to guide and help you through the whole process. Don’t hesitate to reach out to us for more tips for selling your home in the spring or any other real estate questions you may have. 

Looking to Sell Your Home in the Greater Frisco Area? Reach out to the Lisa Birdsong Real Estate Group!

No matter what season is best to sell a house, you can trust Lisa Birdsong and her team of real estate experts to get the job done right. Consistently ranking in the top 1% of real estate teams in the country, our professionals provide integrity, value, and devoted service throughout the entire home buying and selling journey. Contact the team here, or call 214-394-3314 to partner with the best real estate group in Texas.

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