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Hiring a Real Estate Agent vs. For Sale by Owner

After starting the process to list your home, there is another big decision to make: is it better to sell by owner or realtor? 

Choosing to sell your home yourself may seem like the more affordable option, but you lose the many advantages and benefits provided by a skilled real estate agent. And when you list your home as “for sale by owner” (FSBO), you will face a variety of challenges, rejections, and unforeseen circumstances. The realtors at Lisa Birdsong Real Estate Group are trained to expect and professionally handle all matters regarding the sale of your home with integrity and valued experience.

Below you will find examples of these challenges that will make you reconsider using a realtor vs selling yourself. 

Buyer’s Agents Might Not Show a FSBO Home

A large challenge you may face right off that bat is that buyer’s agents are less likely to show “for sale by owner” (FSBO) homes if at all. This is for a variety of reasons, the first being the agent knows there will not be a professional associate representing the other party. So, the agent may discourage viewing the property to avoid additional hassles and risks for the buyers and themselves. 

The second reason buyer’s agents might not show an FSBO vs realtor listing is that selling your home is an understandably emotional decision and process. Agents want to avoid emotional sales as too often, other FSBO sellers have been unrealistic, unreasonable, and difficult sellers – some whom professional realtors even have rejected working with. 

So, having a real estate agent vs for sale by owner supports you emotionally as well. Your real estate agent stands as a mediator between you and the buyers. Acting in your best interest, they know how to handle and communicate rejection while reframing negative feedback. They guide you through the process with expertise while helping you avoid unfortunate mistakes made by others who choose FSBO vs realtor. Those mistakes include overpricing the home, refusing to counter a seemingly low offer, or giving in too easily when facing a deadline.

Real Estate Agents Have Access to Large Networks

A real estate agent’s job is connecting the perfect buyers to sellers with the perfect homes for them. Realtors build large networks of clients, real estate groups, and other agents which in turn have their own pools of potential buyers. These large networks lead to a longer list of qualified buyers with more offers for a higher home value. Using a realtor vs selling yourself saves you precious time and energy with real estate agents showing your home and meeting with potential buyers in your stead. 

If you list for sale by owner vs agent, you will have to work harder to reach a smaller network of buyers. As a result, less demand for your property means a longer waiting period and the possibility of losing out on some of your home’s value when sold. 

Leave The Stress of Price Negotiations to the Experts

Listing as an FSBO vs realtor also means you will have to take on the additional stress of negotiating. Even if you do have prior experience in sales, that may not translate into the skills needed to master the art of real estate negotiations. The buyer’s agent will have the upper hand in those discussions. Plus, if emotions run high, you’ll be more likely to make the wrong move or act more irrationally in an FSBO vs agent setting.

Real estate agents train to handle all kinds of negotiating, study the trends and demand, and stay updated on how these will affect the value of the home and the housing market at large. These professionals also know the local customs and handle necessary transactions like delegating the responsibility of transfer taxes, closing costs, etc. 

Weed Out Unqualified Buyers

Without their expertise, selling by owner vs realtor makes it more difficult to entertain true offers and weed out unqualified buyers. Real estate agents learn how to ask those qualifying questions to ascertain how serious and qualified a potential candidate is as well as what their motivation is. 

Also, when prospective buyers attend open houses or private showings, it can be awkward to have the seller present instead of an agent. In those cases, buyers are more likely to rush through the house and less likely to remember or notice features they liked and other details of what they saw. When using a realtor vs selling yourself, you’ll make the most of your time and money as well as those of the buyer. 

For Sale by Owner Exposes You to Legal Risks

Selling your home yourself vs realtor also opens you up to potential legal risks that would otherwise be managed by your real estate agent. A large amount of official paperwork needs to be completed correctly for a home sale. A particularly important document is the seller’s disclosures in which they communicate details about the home that would affect the property appeal or value. If the seller does not disclose properly, they could be held liable for a variety of charges including fraud, negligence, and/or breach of contract. 

Listing with a real estate agent vs for sale by owner protects you from liability in case you fail to disclose properly. It is possible that agents can make mistakes in this area; however, they are protected with Errors and Omissions (E&O) insurance. In these rare instances, that insurance in turn protects you, the seller. Save the hassle and avoid liability worries safely by listing with a realtor. 

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So, is it better to sell by owner or realtor? When you choose to work with the best real estate team in Texas, you’ll receive strategies specifically designed for your individual needs. Take advantage of our professional services to gain broader exposure, savvy negotiation skills, dedicated time to your sale, and the knowledge that you are in good hands throughout an emotional journey. Trust our expertise and partner with the Lisa Birdsong Real Estate Group for devotion and integrity through the entire process. After all, it is clear that using a realtor vs selling yourself is worth the investment for you, your loved ones, and your home. Don’t hesitate to contact us and see why we’re ranked in the top 1% of real estate agents nationwide! Learn more about our team here or call 214-394-3314 to start your home selling journey today.

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